4002-ALM Dual Trip Amplifier

4002-ALM Dual Trip Amplifier


Similar to 4002 ALM-6 but for mains powered applications.

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Trip Amplifiers

The family of Trip Amplifiers available range from a single setpoint loop powered device to a powered dual setpoint unit with isolated re-transmission and an LED display of inputs and setpoints.


4002-ALM Dual Trip Amplifier


  • Wide range of user configurable inputs
  • Configurable trip action and fail-safe modes
  • Isolated Re-transmission
  • Isolated input stage and isolated transmitter supply
  • LED display of input, setpoints and configuration

Similar to 4002 ALM-6 above but for mains powered applications.

    4002-ALM Dual Trip Amplifier

    Please refer to the datasheet for this product.

    Conditioner type Trip Amplifier

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