Bailey & Mackey Twin Circuit Pressure Switch Type 2381

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Bailey & Mackey Twin Circuit Pressure Switch Type 2381


Low cost, reliable, and robust gauge pressure switch available in a number of setting ranges from -1 Bar up to 42 Bar. Twin switch output version with fixed switching hysteresis. Two independently operating Micro-switches. Available with wetted parts to suit most fluids. LPCB approved.

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This twin output pressure switch can be used for all applications where an electrical switch is required to close or open at a pre-set pressure ( or vacuum). The robustness of these pressure switches enables most applications to be satisfied. All connecting treads used in industry are available including British, American and metric. Flanged fittings are available and all types of Hygienic fittings can be supplied assembled directly onto the pressure switch.


Both micro-switches are SPDT and can be used to give two independent opening or closing contacts at different switch points. The two micro-switches cannot be set to give a switch at the same pressure.


  • Two independently operating Micro-switches.
  • Reset Differentials are approx. twice those given for single output switches.
  • Electrical Rating 5 amp at 250V 50Hz
  • LPCB Approved
  • UL508 Certified
  • CE Marked for all applicable directives
  • Fully Adjustable
  • IP65 Enclosure
  • Well Proven Robust and Reliable Performance
  • Wetted Parts for Most Fluids
  • Single & Twin Circuit Versions Available (see type 1381 for single output)
  • High Overload Pressure Versions Available

    Materials of Construction 

    Diaphragm   Beryllium Copper

    Seal   Glass filled PTFE <11 bar

    Nitrile rubber >11 bar

    Base   Brass

    Housing   Aluminium / Zinc diecast

    Cover   Glass Filled Nylon with Nitrile seal

    Maximum Pressure  

    To ensure long service life select the pressure range as follows:

    Dynamic pressure applications Pmax = 75% of Range

    Static pressure applications Pmax = 100% of Range

    Maximum pressure that can be applied is 125% of pressure range.

    Higher overload version available if required.


    Two independent SPDT micro-switches

    Electrical Ratings 

    5 amp at 250V 50 Hz Inductive load 

    For other voltages and currents please consult our technical department.

    Setting Accuracy 


    Temperature Range 

    –10 to +85 ºC (Process fluid must not solidify)

    Temperature Coefficient 

    0.05 % of range per ºC from 20 ºC

    Alternative Wetted Parts 

    Switches with standard wetted parts above are suitable for

    applications using air, nitrogen, inert gasses, oils, water & steam.

    Alternatives are available for use with other fluids.

    Ranges : 

    Pressure Range Hysteresis Typical
    -1 to 1 bar 0.08 bar
    0.2 to 4 bar  0.14 bar
    0.5 to 11 bar 0.6 bar
    0.7 to 14 bar 0.8 bar
    2 to 28 bar 1.2 bar
    2 to 42 bar 1.6 bar

    Alternative Wetted Parts: 

    Material    Base Diaphragm Protection Disc
    316 Stainless Steel  Yes No Yes
    17/7 Stainless Steel  No Yes No
    Carbon Steel  Yes No No
    UPVC Yes No No
    PTFE Yes No Yes
    PVDF Yes No No
    Silver Plate No No Yes
    Pure Silver No Yes Yes
    Halar Lined Yes No No
    Dykor coated No Yes No
    Rubber Lined Yes No No
    Chrome Plated Yes Yes No

    Direct switching of two electrical loads at a pre-set vacuum or pressure for alarm or control purposes.

    Both micro-switches are SPDT and can be used to give two independent opening or closing contacts at different switch points.

    Note that he two micro-switches cannot be set to give a switch at the same pressure.

    Versions for liquid or gaseous media, even in aggressive environments

    Versions for use with viscous, chemically aggressive or contaminated media.

    Pump Control

    Fire Suppression Systems ( LCPB Approved)

    Heating & ventilating Systems

    Water Treatment

    General Industrial Plant

    This section is currently under construction.

    Model numbers were redesignated during the 1990's.

    The following table gives the current replacement model for each of the original model numbers:

    Original Model Number New Model Number
    107 or 108 1381
    157 or 167 1481
    115 or 1351 1581
    207 or 208 2381
    257 or 267 2481
    215 2581
    117 or 118 1382
    167 1482
    120P 1392P

    Option code letters such as "V" or "Q" etc which were used with the original model numbers are still applied to the new model numbers in the same way.

    Examples : Original model 107V = New model 1381V

    Original model 207Q = New model 2381Q

    A repair service is available for this product. However, as a relatively low cost product it is generally cheaper to replace with a new unit. Please call us or e-mail for details.

    This section is currently under construction.

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