Fuji PHL Paperless Recorder, Up To 18 Inputs

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Fuji PHL Paperless Recorder, Up To 18 Inputs


User friendly, powerful and competitively priced paperless graphic recorder from Fuji Electric.

Backlit 5,7" (145 mm) colour TFT screen display with removable CF card memory. 

Available in 9 or 18 input versions with 4 soft alarms per channel, maths function, plus options of Ethernet

comms, 10 relay outputs or 18 open-collector transistor outputs. Configuration via front panel or through our

free configuration software,

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Graphic recorder PHL

User friendly and competitively priced, the PHL graphic recorder extends Fuji Electric's range of data and chart recorders.

With a TFT 5,7" screen display, CF card data storage, the possibility to display recorded data either on his own screen or on a PC... The PHL video graphic recorder is a device full of capability to make your data capture more affordable and hassle free.

Available with 9 and 18-point inputs (universal input: thermocouple, resistance bulbs, voltage/current input) with Ethernet connection (option), digital input/output (option) with 4 alarms for each channel, the new PHL will reduce installation costs. Typical applications for this recorder are ovens, sterilizers , climatic chambers, thermal (heat) treatment, water processing.
As an option, 10 relay outputs and 5 digital inputs can be added. The PHL paperless recorder can be configured via the front panel keys or through Fuji Electric configuration software (Supplied free of charge).

    Recording Channels         

    9 or 18


    5.7" (145 mm) colour TFT, backlit

    Display Modes

    Trend recording, Bar-graph or Digital Display

    Maths Function

    Available as standard. Common calculations such as totalisation, square-root extraction 

    and subtraction to derive difference between two channels are pre-programmed. Also allows 

    the user to programme a wide variety of custom mathematical functions.


    Programmable for : Thermocouple, Resistance Sensor, Current or Voltage

    Power Supply

    100 to 240Vac 50/60 Hz

    Data Storage

    Via removable 2 Gb compact flash memory card (supplied with recorder)


    Ethernet communications (FTP, web server, e-mail functions available).

    10 output relays plus 5 digital inputs.

    18 open-collector transistor outputs


    Fuji "parameter loader" configuration software plus Fuji "data-viewer" software.

    Data Sheet

    Full technical data sheet is available from the "Downloads" tab

    Typical applications for this recorder are:

    Cold stores





    Climatic chambers

    Thermal (heat) treatment

    Water processing. 

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    This section is currently under construction

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