Fuji PHB Microjet Chart Recorder, 24 Channel

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Fuji PHB Microjet Chart Recorder, 24 Channel


User friendly and high specification paper chart recorder from Fuji Electric.

Six-colour dotting inkjet recording using a 180 mm wide Z-fold strip chart allows comprehensive recorded output.

24 input channels with the option of 6 or 12 relay outputs.

Fully configurable by the user to suit any application.

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Fuji PHB Multi-Channel Chart Recorder

  • Chart width 180 mm, 24 channel intermittent (dotting) recording
  • Silicon ink jet printer technology in 6 colours
  • Daily reports in English, French or German
  • Each channel has own circuit, no scanning relays used
  • Configurable channels accept most industrial inputs
  • Inputs can be zoomed, zoned and auto-ranged
  • Built-in alarm relays with volt free contact outputs
  • Mechanical parts only 1/3 that of a conventional recorder
  • Light weight design, only 6 kg
  • Power supply 85 to 300Vac

    Recording Channels         

    24 intermittent (dotting)


    180 mm wide Z-fold, length 20 metres

    Chart Speeds

    Programmable, 5 mm/h up to 1500 mm/h

    Writing System

    Inkjet, 6-colour high quality continuous trace


    Fluorescent display, 2 lines x 20 characters, programmable

    Maths Function

    Available as standard. Common calculations such as totalisation, square-root extraction, 

    subtraction, engineering unit conversion and logarithmic functions.


    Programmable for : Thermocouple, Resistance Sensor, Current or Voltage

    Power Supply

    100 to 240 Vac 50/60 Hz


    Panel mounting, with clamps supplied.


    288 x 288 mm front face  x  295 mm deep


    Chart Illumination.

    6-relay alarm output module.

    12-relay alarm output module.

    Data Sheet

    Full technical data sheet is available from the "Downloads" tab

    Typical applications for this recorder are:

    Cold stores





    Climatic chambers

    Thermal (heat) treatment

    Water processing. 

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