Monitouch V810

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Monitouch V810


10" model featuring: Low cost or high performance screen, 3 serial ports, A and B USB ports, CF Card slot.

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Monitouch HMIs are famous for their ease of programming. Most PLC and industrial devices protocols and drivers are included, making it easy to set up your system.

The 10" model features:
  • Low cost or high performance screen: 256 colours / 640x480 resolution or 65536 colours and 800x600 resolution
  • 3 serial ports, A and B USB ports, CF Card slot

Monitouch HMI Touch Screens are widely recognised as one of the most versatile and easy to use HMI on the market.


8-way communication with up to eight kinds of devices and two USB channels ensure high compatibility
and expandability of your system.


User-friendly component parts and functional switches enable simple and speedy  display configuration.

Revolutionary features for production sites

8-way communication and 16-million colors high-resolution video display. A multi-feature model with the ultimate operator interface panel.

    V810xC V810xSD/
    Power supply Rated voltage 100-240V AC 24V DC
    Permissible range of voltage 100-240V AC±10% 24V DC±10%
    Permissible momentary power failure Within 20ms Within 1ms
    Demand (maximum rating) 70VA or less 60VA or less 25W or less 20W or less
    Inrush current 20A, 10ms
    (100V AC)
    40A, 6ms
    (200V AC)
    16A, 6ms
    (100V AC)
    32A, 7ms
    (200V AC)
    20A, 2ms 20A, 2ms
    Insulation resistance   500V DC, 10MΩ or more
    Physical environment Operation ambient temperature 0°C – +50°C
    Storage ambient temperature -10°C – +60°C
    Operation ambient humidity 85%RH or less (without dew condensation, Max. wet bulb temperature: 39°C or lower) *1
    Resistance to solvent No attachment of cutting oil or organic solvent
    Atmosphere Not exposed to corrosive gas or conductive dust
    Operation altitude 2,000 meter or lower
    Contamination level*2 Level 2
    Mechanical Resistance to oscillation Vibration frequency: 10–150Hz, acceleration: 9.8m/s2(1.0G) pulsating width: 0.075mm, X,Y,Z: 3 directions 1 hour each way
    Resistance to shock Pulse shape: half-sine, peak acceleration: 147m/s2(15G), X,Y,Z: 3 directions, six times each way
    Electric Noise proof 1500Vp-p (pulse width 1 s, pulse rise time : 1ns)
    Static discharge Complies with IEC61000-4-2, contact: 6kV, air: 8kV
    Installation conditions Grounding Grounding resistance : Less than 100 Ω, FG/SG separation
    Structure Protect structure: Front panel: Compatible with IP65 (when water-proof gasket is used.)
    Rear cover: Compatible with IP20
    Form: Single unit
    Installation method: Panel mounting
    Cooling system Natural air cooling
    Weight Approx.2.5kg
    Dimensions W×H×D(mm) 303.8×231.0×69.0
    Panel cutout (mm) 289.0×216.2 (+0.5/-0)
    Case color   Gray
    Material   PC/ABS

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