ZKJ High performance Gas Analyser

ZKJ High performance Gas Analyser


High performance Gas Analyser

Measurement ranges:

  • NO: 0 to 50ppm 5000 ppm
  • SO2: 0 to 50ppm 10 %
  • CO: 0 to 50ppm 100 %
  • CO2: 0 to 20ppm 100 %
  • CH4: 0 to 200ppm 100 %
  • N2O: 0 to 200ppm 2000 ppm
  • O2: 0 to 5% 25 %

More details

High performance Gas Analyser

For NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4, N2O and O2 gases.

Simultaneously and continuously measures up to 4 components out of NO, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4 and NO2 plus O2, making for a total of five components.

Hardly affected by interference of other gases.

The mass flow type twin detector of high sensitivity and reliability adopted makes measurement hardly affected by interfering components, ensuring a stable operation.

Fuji Electric ZKJ Gas Analyser


  • O2 conversion, average value computation, automatic calibration, one touch calibration, upper/lower limit alarm, remote measurement range changeover, range identification signal output...
  • The large LCD screen allows for quick and easy monitoring of all measured components and computation values.
  • Arbitrary range setting is allowed within specified range.
  • 19" rack mount structure
  • Maximum range ration: 1 to 25
  • Drift +/-1% FS/Week (more than 0 to 200ppm range)



    NOx, SO2, CO, CO2, CH4:
    Non-dispersive infrared ray system (single-beam)
    O2: Paramagnetic type (built in), galvanic cell type
    (built in), or zirconia type (Type ZFK7, Separately


    NO: 0 to 500ppm 5000ppm
    SO2: 0 to 500ppm 5000ppm
    CO: 0 to 200ppm 100%
    CO2: 0 to 500ppm 100%
    CH4: 0 to 1000ppm 100%
    O2: 0 to 5% 25%
    (2-range switching, Maximum range ratio 1:5, O2




    ±0.1%FS or lower

    Zero drift

    ±2.0%FS or lower/week

    Span drift

    ±2.0%FS or lower/week

    Gas extraction

    1L/min. ±0.5L/min.

    Response time

    90% response from gas inlet: 15 sec. or shorter
    (2-component measurement)

    Output signal

    4 to 20mA DC or 0 to 1V DC (Max. non-insulated
    output point: 8)
    Instantaneous output value (measured gas
    concentration of each component)
    Instantaneous output value after O2 correction,
    Average output value after O2 correction, Average
    O2 output
    Permissible load resistance: 550 or lower (4 to
    20mA DC), 100k (0 to 1V DC)


    LCD with backlight

    Instantaneous value of each component,
    Instantaneous value after O2 correction, Average
    value after O2 correction, Average O2 value, CO
    peak count
    Parameter setting display (English or Japanese can
    be selected.)

    Outside dimension,

    177 (H) × 483 (W) × 493 (D) mm, About 10kg

    Power supply voltage

    100 to 240V AC, 50/60Hz, 70VA

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