Easy installation and low pressure loss, relatively low cost for large line sizes.

More details

  • Easy installation and low pressure loss
  • Relatively low cost for large line sizes
  • Flanged or threaded process connections
  • Direct mounted three valve manifolds available
  • Fluid should be reasonably clean
  • Line sizes 100 -2400 mm
  • Installations on key projects worldwide
  • Supplied with full set of documentation

Coulton Instrumentation and Torbar Flowmeters are working closely together. We are offering Averaging Pitot tubes with Fuji Electric differential pressure transmitters.

By averaging the flow velocity across the pipe, averaging pitot tubes are more tolerant of errors bends and valves upstream of the meter. By adding pressure and temperature measurement with modern multi variable differential pressure transmitters we can provide an output signal that is proportional to mass or corrected volumetric flowrate. 

One solution from one supplier for all your gas, liquid and steam flow applications. Averaging pitot tubes provide a convenient way to measure liquid, gas and steam flow rates using a proven technology. A large range of pipe sizes can be accommodated and by manufacturing in special materials it is possible for us to provide systems for difficult fluids.

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