PUME 8DI 8DO Module

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PUME 8DI 8DO Module


Digital Input / Digital Output module for PUM series controllers.

More details

Multi-loop module controller

Provides expandable capability at reduced cost per loop.


Main features and benefits

  • Full integration of PLC functions, with digital input/output signal processing up to 16-k step and 300 points -for Programmable Logic Controllers performances.
  • PC configuration - makes installation easier


  • Detachable terminals - reduce wiring and machine downtime
  • Multi loop control - reduces system costs


  • Multi zone control - provide closer control of interacting control loops


  • Modular design - reduces initial cost without restricting future development


  • Fast CPU speed - provides a universal controller
  • Application Assistance - The support you need to get your production up and running


Fuji PUM series is a "back of panel" controller. This make it an ideal process controller to work with HMI touch screens, such has Hakko Monitouch series.


The units are designed to operate on their own, or in conjunction with a large range of PLC's (programmable logic controllers), HMI's and SCADA systems.
Configuration is carried out via a PC link. Specific applications can be pre programmed by our engineers prior to despatch.


When they are used on their own, the PUM range of modules can handle single or multi loop control applications and provide PLC, alarm or communication functions.
Alternatively when they are used with a PLC, time consuming operations such as fast response multi loop control can be delegated to the PUM, allowing your PLC to focus on supervisory or safety critical operations.

The modular design of the Fuji PUM allows individual units to communicate to each other without wiring. For example additional alarms automatically become available on the additions of a digital output module with no inter-module wiring.
Standardisation of detachable terminals also reduce wiring and re-wiring while you swap modules.

Full integration of PLC functions, with digital input/output signal processing up to 16-k step and 300 points - for programmable Logic Controller performances.

    General specifications

    (1) Power supply voltage: 100V (-15%) to 240V (+10%) AC, 50/60 Hz

    (2) Power consumption: 15 VA or less (100 V AC) 20 VA or less (220 V AC)

    (3) Insulation resistance: 20 MΩ or more (500 V DC)

    (4) Withstand voltage: Power supply ↔ All terminals; 1500 V AC for 1 minute Relay     output ↔ All terminals; 1500 V AC for 1 minute Others; 500 V AC for 1 minute

    (5) Applicable standard (plan): UL, C-UL, CE Mark

    Input section

    2-1 Measurement value input

    (1) Number of inputs: 1 or 2 (Option)

    (2) Input signal type:
    Thermocouple :J, K, R, B, S, T, E, PR40/20, N, PL-II,
    Resistance bulb :Pt100Ω (3-wire)
    Voltage :0 to 10 mV DC, 0 to 50 mV DC,
    1 to 5 V DC, 0 to 5 V DC, 0 to 10 V DC
    Current :4 to 20 mA DC, 0 to 20 mA DC

    (3) Measurement range:
    Refer to the measurement range table.

    (4) Input indication accuracy (Ambient temperature: 23°C):

    • Thermocouple: (±0.1%FS±1digit±1°C) or ± 1.5°C,
      whichever is larger
    • Thermocouple B: 0 to 400°C range;
      ±5%FS± 1digit±1°C
    • Thermocouple R: 0 to 500°C range;
      ±1%FS± 1digit±1°C
    • • Resistance bulb input:
      (±0.1%FS±1digit) or ±0.25°C, whichever is larger
    • Voltage input, current input:
      ±0.1%FS± 1digit

    (5) Input sampling cycle: 50 ms

    (6) Input impedance

    • Thermocouple, voltage input (mV): 1 MΩ or more
    • Voltage input (V): 1MΩ
    • Current input: 250Ω

    (7) Influence of source resistance / Permissible wiring

    • Thermocouple, voltage input (mV):0.1%FS per 100Ω
    • Voltage input (V): 0.1%FS per 500Ω
    • Resistance bulb input: 10Ω or less (per cable)

    (8) Permissible input voltage

    • Voltage (V) input: +35 V / -10 V DC
    • Current input: ±25 mA DC
    • Thermocouple/Resistance bulb/Voltage (mV) input: ±5 V DC

    (9) Noise reduction ratio

    • Normal mode: 40 dB (50/60 Hz) or more
    • Common mode: 120 dB (50/60 Hz) or more

    (10) Input value correction function (Input conditioner)

    • User adjustment:
      ± 50%FS both for zero point and span point
    • Square-root extractor: OFF or cut point from 0.0 to 125.0%
    • Input filter: 0.0 to 900.0 sec. for time constant.


    Output section

    3-1 Control output

    (1) Number of points: 1
    (2) Type: Select one as follows.
    1. Relay contact output

    • Contact structure: SPDT contact (Do4 used)
    • Contact capacity: 220V AC / 30 V DC, 3A (Resistive load) 220V AC / 30 V DC, 1A   (Inductive load)
    • Life: 100,000 operations (rated load)
      2. SSR/SSC driver output (Voltage pulse)

     Rating: 12 V DC (10 to 15 V DC) / Maximum current: 20mA (provided with

     protection against short circuit)

    •  Load resistance: 600Ω or more

     3. Current output (4 to 20 mA DC)

    •  Accuracy: ±0.2%FS
    •  Linearity: ±0.2%FS
    •  Load resistance: 600Ω or less