Fuji FCX-AII V5 Absolute pressure transmitter

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Fuji FCX-AII V5 Absolute pressure transmitter


The Fuji Electric FCX-AII V5 is a high performance cost effective gauge pressure transmitter.


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The Fuji Electric FCX-AII V5 is a high performance cost effective gauge pressure transmitter.

The Fuji Electric FCX series of pressure transmitters use a silicon micro-capacitance cell proven on thousands of difficult applications. They are installed in harsh environments on oil pipelines, power stations, gas compressor stations, water treatment plants and steel plants. They have European, American, Russian and Chinese approvals. Field repair is possible using only one amplifier for all pressure transmitter types.

Fuji Electric is recognised as a world leader for low draft range measurements or for dp measurements at very high static pressure.

To provide high flexibility, remote seals can be fitted to any of the FCX series of transmitters. For further information, please see relevant datasheet.

Application Flexibility


Applications in HVAC, water treatment, food, paper, pharmaceutical, chemical, petrochemical, offshore, sub-sea and nuclear industries can be satisfied by this range of transmitters.

By selecting from a large range of materials, we are able to customise the transmitter and supply remote seals. We temperature compensate the whole assembly to maintain the highest level of performance. Selecting from 316SS, Hastelloy, Monel, Tantalum, Gold and Ceramic we can custom build a transmitter to our own high standards, or to your individual specifications.


  • High reliability micro-capacitance silicon cell
  • Long Term stability: +/- 0.1% URL / 10 Years
  • High accuracy, up to +/-0.04% of calibrated span (0.065% as standard)
  • Versatile indicator with push button programming
  • Exceptional resistance to harsh environments
  • Hart® 5.2 multi-drop communication
  • Field repair possible with common spare parts
  • Built-in loop calibration facility
  • Large installed base

    Common Specifications

    Diaphragm materials SS316L, hastelloy-C, monel, tantalum, zirconium, titanium, double coated with gold and ceramic
    Elevation/suppression -100 to +100%URL
    Span measuring range 100 to 1/100 URL
    Liquid contacting temperature -40 to 120ºC
    Ambient temperature -40 to 85ºC
    Output signal / Allowable load resistance DC 4 to 20mA / 600 Ohm
    Supply voltage DC 10.5 to 45V
    Long-term stability ±0.1% URL/10 years
    Explosion-proof specification Flameproof, intrinsic safety type
    Mounting method 50A pipe mounting, direct mounting
    Weight 2.9Kg (standard unit)

    Absolute Pressure transmitter

    Type FKA, FKH or FKM with remote seal
    Measuring span 16/130/500/3000 kPa
    Maximum test pressure 0.5/1.5/9 MPa
    Measuring accuracy Up to ±0.1%
    Standard: ±0.2%


    Measurement type Absolute

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